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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take?

Depending on the square footage of your home, it can be done in one day. Most homes under 1,600 square feet are completed in one day and ready for paint. Larger homes can be completed within two days. We recommend that you wait 48 hours after the texture is applied before applying primer and paint.

How much will it cost?

Normally we charge per square foot and extra for high ceilings. This includes removal of all acoustic, refinishing all seams, touching up any imperfections and retexturing the ceiling. All work carries 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a 2 year warranty. An in-home estimate would give you a more accurate price.

How do I prepare my home before you arrive?

You should remove any knick-knacks or items of value, because everything will be bagged off with plastic. Anything on the walls can stay up, and most items can stay in the room. If we need to move any items, they will be moved to another room and returned upon completion.

Do I need to move out for the night?

No, you do not need to find a place to stay for the night. If a job takes more than one day your home will be completely cleaned that evening and a fresh start will take place the next morning.

Does the texture need to be painted after it is applied?

Yes, you should wait 48 hours to make sure it is dry, and then it will be ready to be primed and painted. If you need a painter inquire about our painting services.

Is your company licensed and bonded?

Yes, we are licensed, fully bonded and insured.

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